Manifesto : Call for a Constituent Process in Catalonia

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We, the undersigned, appeal to Catalan citizens to support this manifesto, the goal of which is to call for a constituent process in Catalonia that will allow the Catalan people to democratically and peacefully decide on their State model.

The protests taking place over the past two years have demonstrated a growing potential for social struggle and a broad rejection of policies designed to find a solution to the crisis by rewarding those directly responsible for it with money, recognition and privileges, thereby burdening the majority of the population with debt for the rest of their lives.

The current economic, institutional and political models have failed. We must all urgently come together to create new political and social models and, difficult and long though this process may be, we must do so without repeating the methods of the past. The process will require ongoing social self-organization and mobilization. Only vast participation by active, outspoken citizens can guarantee deep social change.

To do so, we must encourage a wide, plural, participative process of reflection and consensus; a process that will recognize the competence and diversity of the numerous groups, organizations and communities that have long been working for peaceful, democratic change; one that will make room for them on a united platform crystallizing growing social discontent into an organized political majority in favor of a new model.

The process must start at the grass-roots level, creating meeting spaces in neighborhoods and towns for as many organizations, groups and individuals as possible in order to build a new, diverse, plural tool and draw up a list of candidates as broad as possible for the next elections. The list’s goal will be to back the call for a Constituent Assembly to define the new State and socioeconomic organizational model we want.

Our goal is not to create a new political party. Neither of the two people presenting this manifesto have the will to be candidates in the election, but we do want to help launch a grass-roots process culminating in the creation of a unified list of candidates with the goal of calling for the Constituent Assembly we need in order to draw up the new Constitution for the Catalan Republic, preventing the interests of the very few from getting in the way of the majority’s needs in the future.

A project for social change and for a break with the current order needs to advocate several basic, urgent measures. Defining them is a collective task in which all the organizations and individuals involved in the process must take part. The following is a tentative, illustrative and non-exhaustive list of such measures:

  1. Expropriation of private banks; defense of an ethical, public bank; putting a stop to financial speculation; instituting a fair taxation system; carrying out a debt audit; and non-payment of illegitimate debt.
  2. Establishing fair salaries and pensions; no to dismissals; reduction of working hours and sharing of the overall workload, non-remunerated housework included.
  3. Participatory democracy; electoral reform; checks and balances on elected candidates; suppression of politicians’ privileges and resolute struggle against corruption.
  4. Decent housing for everyone; moratorium on evictions; mortgage debt forgiveness.
  5. No to privatizations; reverting all cutbacks; strengthening the public sector under social control.
  6. Right to one’s own body; no to gender violence.
  7. Ecological restructuring of the economy; expropriation and socialization of energy companies; food sovereignty.
  8. Citizenship rights for everyone; no to xenophobia; abolition of current immigration laws.
  9. Public media under democratic control; free software and internet; and decommodification of culture.
  10. International solidarity; no to war; for a Catalonia without an army and outside NATO.

We are at a historical crossroads and must take a step forward and join forces. We call upon the citizens to sign this manifesto and help build this initiative for change towards a participative and egalitarian political, economic and social model that refuses to isolate Freedom from Justice and Solidarity.

Arcadi Oliveres and Teresa Forcades

April 10th, 2013

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